Via Slavica

Rediscovering Via Slavica help us to understand how diverse the life and culture of the surrounding areas is, and also better understand how important this diversity is in a democratic world. Through this pilgrimage, the traveler can experience the joy of simple things and mix with local from rural communities. The Via Slavica more than 1000-kilometer rout leads from Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary or Czech Republic to Austria, and from there the route leads via Italian regions of Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Toscana and Umbria to Rome.

Bratislava to Vienna - via Salvica


From Bratislava to Hainburg border dirt roads are a good alternative to main road. Cross the border on foot feels something despite the EU freedom of movement unusual. The Donau-Auen National Park is located between metropolitan areas Vienna and Bratislava.

Brno Via Slavica

Czech Republic

Via Slavica is joined from the Czech republic second biggest city Brno. The cycling trail alone from Brno via Židlochovice, Pasohlávky and Nový Přerov to border crossing Hevlín/Laa an der Thaya and further on via Mistelbach and Wolkersdorf to Vienna



From Austria (Vienna) there are two routes: the first along the Amber road (Bernsteinstraße) through Ljubljana in Slovenia and the second along the Via Sacra to Mariazell and then the Carinthian Pilgrimage route to Mariazel (Mariazellerweg) to Arnoldstein and via