About Us

The organizations involved in the initiative Via Slavica come from Slovakia, Austria and Italy. Our action is multidirectional. Among the inhabitants of their countries, the organizations will promote the Via Slavica Initiative and present its importance for the regions. The long-distance route Via Slavica invites you to pilgrimage and archeological sites, which have made a significant contribution to the development of Slavic culture. Via Slavica encourage to travel without borders. Via Slavica is a journey to rediscover Europe’s roots and understand the different cultures that build our common identity.¬†

Map of partner countries - via slavica

Our aim is to rediscovering cultural route Via Slavica linking Easter and Central Europe to southern Europe and its connection to Cultural Routes of Europe.

  • creating an European association of organizations from Via Slavica Initiative countries
  • develop cooperation of organizations to promote the Via Slavica Initiative
  • creating a historical dialogue and building agreements and lasting relations between Via Slavica Initiative countries
  • promoting transnational thematic tourism products

European Cultural Heritage and Via Slavica

  • discovering European Heritage through Via Slavica initiative
  • strengthen cooperation between Via Slavica and Cultural Routes of Europe
  • fostering dialogue and exchange between Via Slavica and Cultural Routes of Europe
  • promoting Via Slavica Initiative partners own territory, in its geographical, historical, economic, touristic and cultural aspects
  • fostering symbiosis between the rural environment and the pilgrimage routes¬†
  • enriching the cultural experience of the pilgrimage

Sport and Via Slavica

  • promoting European traditional sports and games from Via Slavica Initiative countries
  • promoting non-motorized forms of transport and mass transit, encourage mobility and tourism related to hiking, walking, cycling, horse-riding, boating and similar.

Youth and Via Slavica

  • living a cultural exchange with peers from other Union Countries, by knowing the values of their cultural heritage
  • knowing other cultures, their heritage and their natural assets betting on sustainable development

Environmental protection and Via Slavica

  • preserving, protecting and restoring of ecosystems
  • developing¬† relationship to the natural environment, their environmental sensitivity and outdoor behavior
  • developing different types of environmentally-friendly tourism, including creation and promotion of environmental tourist products
  • promoting mobility in harmony with nature