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The Via Slavica was the old trade route joining eastern Europe with central and southern Europe. From Slovakia can be connected by walk from Bratislava to Vienna. Bratislava and Vienna are Europe’s closest capital cities. With only 68 kilometers between the two beautiful pearls, they are still connected with the second largest river in Europe – Danube. From Bratislava to Hainburg border dirt roads are a good alternative to main road. Don’t miss the trip to the castle of Devin. Devin was a place of pilgrimage and projection for Slovak rebels and poets, who were working on the identity of the yet-to-be created state here. Cross the border on foot feels something despite the EU freedom of movement unusual. On the Slovak side of the border, can be spotted some real border fortifications. But these couldn’t stop the German invasion in 1938. Even the mightiest concrete bunker had no chance against the Munich Agreement. If you want to see more of those bunkers, there is the Czechoslovak Fortification Museum. The Donau-Auen National Park is located between metropolitan areas Vienna and Bratislava. The national park is great for its diversity known from plants and animals. Beaver, red deer, turtles and many species of birds live here. The hiking trail leads near Stopfenreuth. Here you come to the “Auterrasse” – a viewing platform as well as a tent and camp site, which the only overnight accommodation in the open air offers.

Danube cycle path joining Bratislava to Vienna.